Carers Cost Cutting Guide

As the cost of living rises, our Carer Consultation Group have shared their top tips and tricks for saving money on every day life.

Carers Cost Cutting Guide – Everyday Top Tips

  • Don’t fill the bath all the way – this will use less hot water, and still be enough for a relaxing soak!
  • Keeping your freezer full will help it to run more efficiently
  • Only use your washing machine for a full load of laundry
  • Washing temperatures on clothing tags are set at a maximum – you may be able to wash your clothes at a lower temperature
  • Stick to the usage guidance on the detergent bottle
  • Keep the gas flame under pots and pans when cooking on the gas hob – letting the flame rise up the side of the pot is using excess gas
  • Batch cooking and freezing portions help to save food wastage and the amount of food being bought

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Carers Cost Cutting Guide - • Everyday Top Tips

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