Staying Safe and Well

Staying Safe & Well - Insight Timer

Clare McGinley, our Yoga Teacher talks about Insight Timer

There are a lot of Meditation and Mindfulness apps out there; in my quest to deal with stress and anxiety I have tried quite a few!

Insight Timer has thousands of free meditations/relaxation/mindfulness/yoga but it can be quite overwhelming to know where to start.

Here are some I have found helpful and why I like them:


Short Meditations

  • Andrew Johnston – love his Scottish accent. It’s excellent for breathing and body scanning
  • Tom Evans – a good morning meditation
  • Loch Kelly – very yoga-based


  • Celia Roberts – describes the effects on your brain. It’s great of meditations of you have a headache

Sleep and Waking

  • Jennifer Piercy
  • Yoga Nidra for Deep Sleep
  • Morning – Waking One

Longer Contemplative

  • John Siddique – has some short poetry reading in a very calming voice; great for relaxing and reflecting

Dealing With Pain

  • Vidayamala Burch – is engaging and very accessible

Great for Children

    • Andy Hobson
Insight Timer
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