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There is no doubt that caring can be exhausting. Devoting your time to caring for someone with an illness or disability can have a significant effect on your physical and emotional capacity. When you are emotionally exhausted, it is often difficult to focus on your own needs. Looking after all aspects of your own health is crucial to being able to continue caring.

We offer carers the opportunity to learn how to use techniques to relax, reduce stress and calm their emotions. This is known as Self Management and the benefits can be much longer-lasting as it gives them the skills and knowledge to use whenever they need to. The Stress Management Programme will include:

  • Steps to Deal with Stress” CD
  • Time 4 Me training course which includes how to identify stress triggers and how to deal with it
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga – Our Yoga class is on a Monday and Thursday via Zoom
  • CBT with Caroline – please contact Joanne on 07535 469368 for more info

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