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We offer a variety of learning opportunities which is flexible and responsive to carers’ needs.  These are done through specific training courses or sometimes at our support groups. Our training courses are free of charge and you can pick and choose which ones you think would benefit you.

Caring for an Older Person – Training Pack

Caring for an elderly relative or friend who is disabled or frail is something which many of us will experience in life.  Although it can be demanding, most carers want to continue to care for their elderly relative or friend and to make sure that they have the best quality of life possible.  As we get older we are more likely to suffer from more than one medical condition.  This can make caring for an older person more challenging and can have practical, financial and emotional implications for carers.  The training pack aims to provide information about some of the issues which may arise if you are caring for an older person.

You can get a pack from the Carers Centre or see our Downloads section

Complementary Workshop

Carers often neglect their own health.  What better way to look after yourself than by learning how to use Aromatherapy.  The course covers the safe use of essential oils, how to use aromatherapy to help you and relaxation techniques.  The training is delivered by a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist.

Condition Specific Courses

Carers often feel that they do not get enough information about the condition of the person that they care for.  Being well informed is an important part of feeling that you are able to cope.  The condition specific  training is delivered in partnership with specialists from that particular area of work.  The courses will provide information for carers, an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the condition and a chance to meet carers in similar caring situations.

First Aid Awareness Training

From time to time we all wonder how we would cope in an emergency.  This is no truer than for carers.  Having the confidence and knowledge to act in such a situation can be crucial.  The course covers a variety of first aid situations and is delivered by the Red Cross.

Moving and Assisting Practical Skills Training

Carers often find that moving the person that they care for, helping them dress and move around can put a strain on their own back and joints.  Knowing how to look after your back and joints is a vital part of taking care of you.

A qualified Moving and Assisting Trainer will carry out the training in your home or in the cared for person’s home.  The session, which normally lasts three hours, covers how to use aids and equipment properly, how to position the person safely and how to move and assist without injuring yourself.

Palliative Care Workshop

These workshops will provide information and support to carers who are caring for someone with a long-term condition.  Long-term conditions are diverse, such as a Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, COPD, Heart conditions, MS, as well as cancer.  The workshops explain what Palliative care is, what anticipatory care is, how to manage symptoms, end of life care and crucially, what support is available to carers and their families at this time.  The course, which has proved itself to be a vital means of emotional support for carers, is delivered in partnership with Specialist Palliative Care nurses.

Time for Me

The aim of the course is to provide carers with the tools to improve and manage their health and well being.  There will be four individual workshops which will cover, having hope matters, dealing with emotions, challenging times and how to manage making changes.  The course provides a valuable opportunity for carers to discuss the ways in which cope with challenges, and how to go about making positive changes.

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