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Participation in social activities is an important element of everyone’s wellbeing. Being socially connected with other people helps increase our sense of belonging, our confidence and provides balance in our lives. However, as a result of your caring role, you may find it difficult to attend social events and feel that you have lost touch with friends. This can leave you feeling very isolated. We believe that carers also have a right to a life of their own and it’s important for you to maintain a balance between your caring responsibilities and social activities.

 Being able to engage in social activities can:

  • Increase you confidence and self esteem
  • Provide an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends
  • Give you a break from you caring role
  • Help you have fun

We offer a variety of social activities and we can provide you with replacement care services which will allow you to attend. All of our support groups will provide an opportunity to socialise with other carers and in addition to this, we arrange a variety of social events.

These include:

  • Carers’ Breaks
  • Christmas Party and/or event
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Other annual events such as Carers’ Week & Carers’ Rights Day

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