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For all enquiries about our short break opportunities, contact Melissa on 0141 941 1550 or email


Time For Me*

Our Time for Me Project, which is funded by the Scottish Government’s Short Breaks Fund, provides small grants to carers to support them to have a break from their caring responsibilities. The grant can be used to help fund a short break away from the stresses of everyday life, either for the carer and the person that they are caring for, or for the carer themselves.

Our aim is to be flexible and responsive to carers’ needs – we would encourage you to think about what you feel would really benefit you and what outcomes you would like to achieve from having the break. Some examples of previously awarded grants include overnight spa breaks and complementary therapies. If a getaway is not be possible or doesn’t appeal to you – it does not mean you cannot apply. You can apply for something that allows you to have a break at home e.g. devices, hobby craft materials, walking gear, etc.

If you feel you need a break and think that Time for Me can help, especially if you have not applied in the past, please get in touch. We would encourage applications from those within more hidden carer groups e.g. minority ethnic communities and carers of those affected by addiction or mental health. We also welcome applications from young carers and work in partnership with colleagues at Y Sort It to administer these.

*T&Cs apply


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Box Office Project

Thanks to funding from the Creative Breaks Fund, our Box Office Project is now available to carers registered with us.
We understand how important getting a break from caring and staying connected to others can be, particularly in the current climate when finances are tight.
The Box Office Project offers a variety of social opportunities relating to “the arts and entertainment” for adult carers and those that they care for who are 21+ years.
Events enjoyed by carers so far include a Christmas concert, a trip to Kelvingrove Art Gallery, cinema trips, and a Queen tribute concert!
There will be some opportunities for you and the person you care for to enjoy an outing together.
Each event will generally cost £5 per person and where transport is provided, costs are included*.

*Please note: attendance costs may increase for larger scale events. Carers will be notified of this when applicable.

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