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For all enquiries about our short break opportunities, contact Catriona on 07535 468710 or email

Time For Me

Our Time for Me Project, which is funded by the Scottish Government’s Short Breaks Fund, provides small grants to carers to support them to have a break from their caring responsibilities. The grant can be used to help fund a short break away from the stresses of everyday life, either for the carer and the person that they are caring for, or for the carer themselves. Our aim is to be flexible and responsive to carers’ needs – we would encourage you to think about what you feel would really benefit you and what outcomes you would like to achieve from having the break. Some examples of previously awarded grants include overnight spa breaks and complementary therapies. If “going away” is not be possible or doesn’t appeal to you – it does not mean you cannot apply. You can apply for something that allows you to have a break at home e.g. devices, hobby craft materials, walking gear, etc.

If you feel you need a break and think that Time for Me can help, especially if you have not applied in the past, please get in touch. We would encourage applications from those within more hidden carer groups e.g. minority ethnic communities and carers of those affected by addiction or mental health. We also welcome applications from young carers and work in partnership with colleagues at Y Sort It to administer these.

If you would like to apply to the Time for Me Project or would like more information, please contact Catriona McGinnigle (Short Breaks Co-ordinator) on: 07535468710 or email

Out of the Blue

In partnership with West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership, we have established a replacement care service that offers help to carers to attend those events which crop up from time to time if they cannot leave the person that they are caring for.

Out of the Blue is non-prescriptive and flexible, which means we want carers to tell us what is important to them and what would help meet their own personal outcomes. Eligible carers can access at home replacement care sessions which will be purchased by Carers of West Dunbartonshire from a variety of care providers. If a care provider is already being used as part of the care package, we will try in the first instance to book the additional hours with that care provider.

The aim of the project is to give carers the opportunity to do things that other people take for granted and to have a life outside of their caring role. Some examples of how carers can use Out of the Blue are:

  • To be able to attend a social event with family or friends.
  • To take care of their own health and well-being i.e. by attending a health appointment or therapy session
  • To attend a training course or hobby classes

ScotSpirit Holiday Voucher Scheme

The ScotSpirit Holiday Voucher Scheme (SSHVS) is focused on supporting individuals and families who have been particularly adversely affected by the impact of the pandemic, while at the same time providing financial support to the Scottish tourism sector. The Scheme is funded by Scottish Government and forms part of the Scottish tourism pandemic recovery programme.

The Scheme will enable unpaid carers to enjoy a 2-3-night subsidised overnight break or day out in Scotland. The Scheme offers a contribution towards an overnight stay in a bed and breakfast, camping/ holiday park, guest house, hotel or hostel or day visit activities in Scotland.

The Scheme will open for applications from 20 September 2021. Breaks can taken up to 31 December 2022.

To apply, you must be an unpaid carer registered with a local support organisation, such as a Carers Centre, or be referred by a health professional in Scotland.

The Scheme is open to all unpaid carers. If the lead applicant is a young carer who is under 16 years old, a parent or guardian must support the application and agree to accept the Scheme Terms and Conditions.

Please contact our Short Breaks Coordinator to find out more.

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