Online Consultation

Carers’ views are really important to us; tell us what you think

It helps us to know if we are getting things right, if we could be doing anything better, and what you may need by way of support.  We consult in a number of ways e.g. by hosting focus groups, listening to individual views and sending surveys. Consulting with carers online is another way that we want to hear from you. This might be about carer services locally or it might be to get your views on other things like a national policy.

Consultation on Review of Mental Health Law in Scotland – Response required by 20th April

A review is being carried out into the way mental health law is working in Scotland. This review was set up by the Scottish Government but it is independent from them. Please see attached Consultation PDF and helpful draft comments provided by Alex Davidson Independent convener for Argyle and Bute APC, which outline some of the matters we would want to reflect from a WDC perspective. These documents do not take that long to read and all comments back however brief will be valued as reflecting the rights and needs of individuals in West Dunbarton from a services perspective.


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