Welcome Pack – Adult Carers’ Support Plan

Adult Carers’ Support Plan – A Brief guide for carers

Carers have a legal right to an assessment of their needs! It is an opportunity to discuss what help you may need to cope with a caring role. In West Dunbartonshire a very high value is placed on the services that are delivered to carers and this assessment process is known as an Adult Carer’s Support Plan

Who qualifies for an Adult Carers’ Support Plan?

The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 states you have a right to an assessment if you are looking after a friend or relative.  You are entitled to an assessment even if the person you care for does not wish to receive help from support services. you also have a right to an assessment if you intend to look after someone, for example, a relative or friend due to be discharged from hospital, or a disabled child. you do not have to be the parent of the child, but you must have parental responsibility for them.

What is the purpose of an Adult Carers’ Support Plan?

The purpose of the assessment is to allow you the opportunity to think about and discuss what help you may need with caring, including maintaining your own health and balancing work and family commitments. Support services will use this information to decide what help they may be able to offer.

However, the person carrying out the assessment shouldn’t assume you want to provide care for someone. They should ask if you are happy and willing to carry out the tasks involved. It may be that due to increasing physical or emotional demands, you feel unable to provide care.

How do I get a support plan completed?

You can request a Support Plan from your local Social Work Department, a Health Care Professional, such as a District Nurse and the Carers’ Centre. You can also complete one by yourself. If the person you currently look after or intend to look after is in the hospital, ask the nursing staff to put you in touch with the Social Worker or the Hospital Discharge Project at the Carers’ Centre.

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