Autumn/Winter 2021-22 Vaccinations Programme for Unpaid Carers Q&A

Q – I am an unpaid carer – will I be eligible for the flu vaccine this year?

YES! All unpaid carers and young carers are eligible for the flu vaccine. This year, the eligible groups have been extended to also include everyone 50 and over and all primary and secondary school children. Further information about the eligible groups can be found on NHS Inform.

Q – How do I register or make an appointment for the flu vaccine if I am an unpaid carer?

  • Young carers in primary and secondary school will be offered the flu vaccine as part of the schools’ programme
  • Those aged 70 or over will be contacted by their local NHS Health Board with details about their appointment
  • For those aged under 70, an online booking system will be available as well as the option to call the national phone line to book an appointment
  • The Scottish Government want to ensure that all unpaid and young carers know they are eligible for the free flu vaccine. Some carers will be contacted directly to encourage them to book and there will also be a public marketing campaign to raise awareness and encourage people to come forward.

Q – Will I need to prove that I am an unpaid carer in order to get the flu vaccine?

No. You will not have to show any form of verification when you register, or when you attend your appointment, to prove you are an unpaid carer.

Q – When will I be offered the flu vaccine?

Further information will follow about when you will be contacted with your appointment details or called forward to book your appointment

Q – Will unpaid carers be offered a COVID-19 booster vaccination?

Yes. From October there will be an online booking system for COVID-19 booster vaccination for all adults over 50 plus those aged 16-49 who are:

  • Unpaid carers
  • People with underlying health conditions; and
  • Household contacts of people who are immunosuppressed

JCVI advises the booster is offered no earlier than six months after receiving your last COVID-19 vaccination. It may be possible to give both COVID booster and flu vaccinations at the same time where the timeframes allow.

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